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UAS School of Career Education

There are many programs at the School of Career Education that help Alaska's skilled workers get ahead.


The School of Career Education has training facilities in Juneau, Ketchikan, and Sitka and focuses on industries that are important to Alaska's economy. Our classes are taught by professionals and cover things like power technology, building technology, welding, maritime trades, health sciences, fishing technology, and more.


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UAS Career Education Support: To provide general support to the School of Career Education. 

UAS Ketchikan Marine Transportation Program - Ketchikan: Provides support to the activities & programming of the UAS Ketchikan Marine Transportation Program. Expenditures from this fund may include but are not limited to equipment, training, curriculum development, faculty support, supplies, commodities, salaries, travel, contracts and other program-related expenses.

UAS Construction Technology Support - Juneau: Provides support to the Construction Technology Program. Construction technology students at UAS are given the tools to build a career for themselves from the ground up. The hands on training that UAS provides combined with the opportunity to build real homes sets students apart from the competition.


UAS Fisheries Technology Program Support - Sitka: Provides support to the Fisheries Technology Program.  Alaska is currently experiencing a shortage of fisheries technicians and fisheries biologists - a trend predicted to continue for the next 10 years.  The University of Alaska Southeast Sitka Campus has partnered with industry and regulatory agencies to develop programs that can meet this growing need of qualified personnel. 

Other School of Career Education programs: Support other School of Career Education funds at UAS.

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