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Health at UAA
49 hours for Alaska!

Supporting education in Alaska is crucial as our state looks to recover the economy. When you support the College of Health, you help strengthen our Alaska workforce across 45 degree programs.  

Click and donate to any of these options to make your gift go even further for UAA students:

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●  Allied Health Endowment: Help us prepare graduates for work in rewarding careers in Alaska's rapidly growing healthcare industry. 

 Nursing Endowed Scholarship: Support permanent annual scholarships to keep nursing students in school and focused on graduating. 

●  WWAMI 50th Anniversary Scholarship: UAA's medical program ranks No. 1 in primary care, and serves a vital need by educating doctors in Alaska for Alaska. 

●  Excellence in Social Work: Support students who are being educated to serve in professions that will improve the quality of life throughout society by ameliorating social problems. 

●  Excellence in RRANN: Support this program which helps recruit and mentor Alaska Native/American Indian students to pursue nursing degrees. 

●  Excellence in Justice: Support cutting-edge research in justice issues, including the courts, corrections, policing, recidivism, violence against women, and substance abuse. 

●  Della Keats Health Sciences Summer Program: Support a residential summer program for Alaska high school students that inspires them to pursue a career in the health profession, with a focus on increasing the number of Alaska Native, rural and other underrepresented people working in the health field in Alaska.  

●  College of Health Excellence Fund: Support the areas of greatest need in support of our students and programs. 

●  Other CoH ProgramsSupport any other CoH program.

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UA Alaska Airlines UA Giving Day Match
Thank you Alaska Airlines and UA donors! $25,000 has been unlocked to support scholarships for students attending any campus of the University of Alaska System.
$25,000 MATCHED
UA Regent Mary K. Hughes – Educating Alaska’s Educators Challenge
Thank you Regent Mary K. Hughes, UA alumni, and friends! $10,000 has been unlocked to establish a fund that will support Alaskans majoring in education.
100 / 100 Donors
UAA BBNC Challenge
Thank you Bristol Bay Native Corporation and UAA community! $7,500 has been unlocked to support UAA's Della Keats Program.
UAA 49th Finishers Scholarship Challenge
Thank you Tim Schrage ’92 and Jennifer Wieland Schrage ’93 and UAA donors! $4,900 has been unlocked to support the 49th Finishers Scholarship.
49 / 49 Donors
UAA Vote with Your Donation: Colleges and Athletics
Thank you UAA supporters! $2,500 has been unlocked to support the top UAA unit.
Rank Prize UAA College and Athletics Funds Donors
1 $2,500 Excellence in Gymnastics* 233
2 Excellence in Volleyball 95
3 Excellence in Cross Country/Track and Field 73
4 Excellence in Women's Basketball 55
5 Excellence in Men's Basketball 42
6 Excellence in Skiing 22
7 College of Health Excellence 16
8 College of Business and Public Policy Scholarship 15
9 WWAMI 50th Anniversary Endowed Scholarship 15
10 ISER Excellence 15
11 WPM+RE Program Excellence 14
12 Excellence in Social Work 13
13 College of Business and Public Policy Excellence 12
14 Excellence in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Administration 12
15 Excellence in Engineering 9
16 College of Engineering Scholarship 9
17 UAA Nursing Endowed Scholarship 9
18 Excellence in Biology 9
19 Excellence in Hockey* 9
20 Athletic Excellence 9
21 Della Keats Summer Enrichment Program 7
22 Excellence in Project Management 7
23 Excellence in Allied Health Endowment 7
24 Excellence in History 6
25 CBPP Excellence in Leadership 6
26 Excellence in Geomatics 5
27 Excellence in Music Spendable 5
28 Excellence in Journalism & Communication 4
29 College of Engineering STEM Outreach 4
30 Excellence in RRANN 4
31 Excellence in Aviation Technology 4
32 Excellence in Automotive and Diesel Technology 3
33 CAS Student Success Support 3
34 Excellence in Psychology 3
35 Excellence in Justice 3
36 Excellence in Languages 2
37 Dr. Robert Fortuine Endowed WWAMI Scholarship 2
38 Excellence in English 2
39 Excellence in Mechanical Engineering 2
40 Excellence in Nursing Endowment 2
41 UAA Community and Technical College Excellence 2
42 Excellence in Strength and Conditioning 2
43 Excellence in Arts and Sciences 2
44 Excellence in Art 2
45 Excellence in Mathematical Sciences 2
46 Sue Linford Culinary Arts & Hospitality Scholarship 2
47 CAS Crossing the Finish Line Completion Endowed Scholarship 1
48 Governor William A. Egan Endowed Award 1
49 Excellence in Chemistry 1
50 Excellence in Geology 1
51 Excellence in Computer Science and Engineering 1
52 Excellence in Political Science 1
53 Alaska Business Plan Competition General Support 1
54 Community and Technical College Scholarship 1
55 Excellence in Health Sciences Simulation 1
56 Excellence in Building Technologies 1
57 Engineering Dean's Excellene Award 0
58 Al Talcott Surveying and Mapping 0
59 Excellence in Alaska Native Studies 0
60 Excellence in Anthropology 0
61 UAA CTC ASC Student Competition 0
62 Excellence in Computer and Electronics Technologies 0
63 UAA ASCE Student Competitions 0
64 WWAMI Clinical Faculty Development 0
65 International Studies Excellence 0
66 Excellence in Philosophy 0
67 Excellence in Women's Studies 0
68 Montgomery Dickson Center for Japanese Language and Culture 0
In Memoriam of Susan McLoughry Challenge
Thank you Bob Buntzen and UA donors! $2,000 has been unlocked to support the Susan McLoughry Nursing Scholarship.
20 / 20 Donors
UA Foundation President Burnett Challenge
Thank you UA Foundation President, Tod Burnett and UA supporters! $1,000 has been unlocked to support student scholarships.
100 / 100 Donors
UAA Vice Chancellor Bruce Schultz AHAINA (Multicultural Student Services) Program Challenge
Thank you Vice Chancellor Bruce Schultz and UAA donors! $1,000 has been unlocked to support the African-American, Hispanic, Asian-Pacific Islander, International, and Native American (AHAINA) Program General Support fund.
149 / 149 Donors
UAA Excellence in Allied Health Endowment Challenge
Thank you UAA Allied Health donors! $1,000 has been unlocked to support the Excellence in Allied Health Endowment.
UAA Alumni Association Challenge
Thank you UAA Alumni Association and UAA alumni donors! $12,000 has been unlocked to support UAA students and programs.
150 / 150 Donors
UAA Anonymous WWAMI Match
Thank you to an anonymous donor for providing a $10,000 match for gifts made to the WWAMI 50th Anniversary Scholarship through the end of 2021. For more information on how you can help, please email
UAA Patricia Baum General Scholarship Challenge
Thank you Patricia Baum and UAA donors! $5,000 has been unlocked to support UAA General Scholarships.
600 / 600 Donors
UAA Anonymous Social Work Challenge
Thank you UAA Social Work supporters! $4,000 has been unlocked to support the UAA School of Social Work.
10 / 10 Donors
UA President Pitney Alumni Challenge
Thank you UA President Pitney and UA alumni donors! $2,000 has been unlocked to support scholarships for students attending any campus in the University of Alaska system.
49 / 49 Donors
UAA Excellence in Social Work Challenge
Thank you to our anonymous donor and UAA School of Social Work donors! $1,500 has been unlocked to support the School of Social Work excellence fund.
3 / 3 Donors
UAA Chancellor Sean and Sandy Parnell Scholarship Challenge
Thank you UAA Chancellor Sean and Sandy Parnell and UAA donors! $1,000 has been unlocked to support the UAA General Scholarship Fund.
100 / 100 Donors
UAA Excellence in Graduate Education Challenge
Thank you Provost Denise and Bill Runge, Dr. Mary Jo Finney, and UAA alumni and employee donors! $1,000 has been unlocked to support Excellence in Graduate Education.
49 / 49 Donors
UAA Bob Bundtzen WWAMI Anniversary Challenge
Thank you Bob Bundtzen and WWAMI 50th Anniversary Scholarship supporters! $500 has been unlocked to support the WWAMI's 50th Anniversary Scholarship.
5 / 5 Donors
Rank State Gifts
1 AK 71
2 WA 2
2 AZ 2
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