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UAF Research for Alaska
Leaders in Arctic Research

UAF is a leader in Arctic Research. Located just 200 miles south of the Arctic Circle, UAF’s unique location is well situated for Arctic and northern research. UAF faculty are leading the way and answering questions to help us better understand the world around us. From determining the impacts of climate change to studying what hibernating ground squirrels can teach us about emergency medicine, UAF research is telling the story of our place in the natural world. 

During Giving Day we would especially welcome gifts to the following funds:

Alaska Center for UAS integration (ACUASI):
Our mission is to maintain a world class research center for unmanned aircraft systems, providing integration of unique payloads and supporting pathfinder missions within government and science communities, with a special emphasis on the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions.

Alaska Space Grant Center: 
A statewide program that provides (i) Access by working with our rural communities to support their precollege and university student education with NASA relevant, culturally responsive programs; (ii) Relevance by supporting opportunities for authentic, hands-on NASA relevant  student experiences in science and engineering for both undergraduate and graduate students; and (iii) Permanence by connecting Alaska students and faculty to NASA and the growing aerospace industry in the state. 

Geophysical Institute Associates Endowment
Since it was established by an Act of Congress in 1946, scientists at the Geophysical Institute have studied geophysical processes from the center of the Earth to the surface of the sun and beyond. This fund is in support of activities for graduate students, visiting scientists, and activities that benefit the mission of the GI in driving research and sharing knowledge. 

International Arctic Research Center:
IARC's purpose is to understand the Artic to make a difference. IARC research responds to the challenges of our times, helping bring hope to Alaskans through trusted climate change science and partnering for place-based adaptation planning. 

Large Animal Research Support
LARS supports research, education and outreach on Alaskan animals, as well as the interests and activities of scientists from around the world.

Marilyn W. Russell Family Endowment Spendable
Provides student and programmatic support for the Center for One Health Research at UAF.

Rasmuson Library:
Containing more than 1.2 million items, this is the largest library in Alaska. The library has one of the world's finest collections of Alaska and Polar Regions materials including books, periodicals, photography, manuscripts, films, oral histories, rare books and maps. Your gift will support programs and facilities at the Library.

Toolik Early Career Research Support:
The mission of Toolik Field Station is to facilitate a greater understanding of the Arctic by fostering research and education in response to the needs of the scientific community and the public at large.

Transformative Research in Metabolism (TRiM):
To provide support for faculty within the TRiM program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks to further the vision of translating hibernation research to improve human health.

Your support to the areas listed above or any of our important research areas would be helpful in our continued world-class research efforts.

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UAF Usibelli Coal Mine ACUASI Challenge
Thank you Usibelli Coal Mine and UAF donors! $50,000 has been unlocked to support the UAF Alaska Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration (ACUASI).
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UAF Dr. Cathy Cahill Employee Challenge
Thank you Dr. Cathy Cahill and UAF employee donors! $25,000 has been unlocked to support UAF.
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UAF Marilyn Russell One Health Challenge
Thank you Marilyn Russell and One Health donors! $5,000 has been unlocked to support the Marilyn W. Russell Family Endowment.
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In Memoriam of Susan McLoughry Challenge
Thank you Bob Buntzen and UA donors! $2,000 has been unlocked to support the Susan McLoughry Nursing Scholarship.
20 / 20 Donors
UA Foundation President Burnett Challenge
Thank you UA Foundation President, Tod Burnett and UA supporters! $1,000 has been unlocked to support student scholarships.
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UA Alaska Airlines UA Giving Day Match
Thank you Alaska Airlines and UA donors! $25,000 has been unlocked to support scholarships for students attending any campus of the University of Alaska System.
$25,000 MATCHED
UA Regent Mary K. Hughes – Educating Alaska’s Educators Challenge
Thank you Regent Mary K. Hughes, UA alumni, and friends! $10,000 has been unlocked to establish a fund that will support Alaskans majoring in education.
100 / 100 Donors
UA President Pitney Alumni Challenge
Thank you UA President Pitney and UA alumni donors! $2,000 has been unlocked to support scholarships for students attending any campus in the University of Alaska system.
49 / 49 Donors
UAF Large Animal Research Station Challenge
Thank you Patty Roberts and Frank Barcalow and UAF LARS donors! $1,500 has been unlocked to support LARS.
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UAF Hajo Eicken IARC Climate Change Research Challenge
Thank you Director Eicken and IARC Climate Change Research supporters! $1,000 has been unlocked in support of the Climate Change Research for Alaska support fund.
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